Benefits of Blogging for Small Business Websites

One of the most frequent questions I get when working with small to medium local business is: “Should I add a blog to my site”. In most circumstances blogging is a good idea not only because it can help with organic search engine rankings, but it can also help add a different slant to your product/service offerings. Why Blogging is Effective for SEO The reason why blogging is an effective method for increasing your search engine rankings is twofold. First, a properly written blog is full of … [Read more...]

Apache Web Server Over Optimization: A Cautionary Tale

When it comes to squeezing every ounce of performance from an Apache web server it is easy to make changes that can have dire consequences to your sites. Sometimes you can see your web server load go up right away so it's easy to tell you are headed in the wrong direction. But, some modifications can make a real mess of things in a much more subtle way.The Problem:Load on my web server went up when several of my competitor's sites got booted from the top 10 of Google which left my site as … [Read more...]

Temporary Fix for WordPress 2.8.4 Exploit

This exploit has been patched in the new 2.8.5 version of Wordpress. Download it at: If you are running Wordpress 2.8.4 there is an exploit out there that will allow someone to DOS your site.Here is a TEMPORARY fix until there is an official update from Wordpress:Copy this code into your theme's functions.php file. If there isn't a file called functions.php create one.50 ) { die; } } … [Read more...]

Cost Per Click 101: 3 Tips That Will Boost Your Paid Search Campaigns

If you are just starting out with paid search using Google’s Adwords or Yahoo’s Sponsored Search, you have probably noticed that getting the biggest bang for your buck isn’t as easy as plopping down your money and letting the sales role in.  It’s easy to think of cost per click (CPC) ads as a regular media buy, but that type of thinking is going to leave your wallet a lot lighter.  Anyone who has seen their daily budget get drained in a matter of hours with no sales to show for it knows what I … [Read more...]

5 Tips on How to Select a Good Web Host

No matter if you have a large ecommerce web site or looking for a place to set up a blog, everyone who has an Internet presence is using web hosting.  A reliable web host is more than just a computer where you dump your stuff.  They act as your silent partner in the web world.  If a web site is a virtual store then a web host would be the ground underneath.There are several types of webhosting you can use such as:Shared hosts Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Dedicated ServersRegardless of … [Read more...]

All Meta Tags Are Not Created Equal

I remember the good ol’ days of search engine optimization before Page Rank and all those annoying quality indicators.  It was a simpler day when all you needed to get into the top ten was  cram variations of the same keyword phrases into the Keyword and Title tag.  Then you could get extra fancy and create some incredibly repetitive description tag like: “Widget Emporium has red widgets, blue widgets, camping widgets, car widgets, and more.  Stop by today to get more widgets, widgets, … [Read more...]

Using Twitter to Do Social Media the Right Way

"Try not to be a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value" -A. Einstein Social Media Marketing is all the rage right now.  Going viral or hitting the front page of Digg, Reddit, etc… seems to be the Internet Marketer’s Holy Grail.  I have to admit it is very useful for:Getting immediate feedback from customers Managing a company’s brand Connecting with likeminded individuals that would have otherwise not have been exposed to your product. And the list goes on, but … [Read more...]

Long Tail SEO Process

When it comes to SEO, everyone wants to rank in the top 10 for their keyword. As a Phoenix SEO, that is the reason people hire me. But what a lot of people don’t understand is the value of key word phrases. Today’s search engine users are getting more and more sophisticated. Back in the early days, people would type in their keyword and up would pop results.  Often those results did not return exactly what they are looking for. While most of the major search engines have been good about … [Read more...]

SEO Friendly Ad Copy

Ask yourself this question, “Who buys products on your site? Search Engines or people?” Obviously, the answer is people.  So why are you writing your sales text for search engine spiders? I know, you’ve read online that you have to stuff your pages with relevant keywords so the engines will love you and rank your site in the top 10 in the search engines. But, when you write your text solely for the purpose of search engine spiders, your message may fall flat with consumers. For … [Read more...]

Google’s Speedy Spider

On Saturday, I was having some technical trouble with one of my Linux web servers. After scouring the web for an answer with no solution in sight, I decided to call in reinforcements and ask a question over at Web Hosting Talk. Being ever persistent, I went back and started toying with my server some more. Then my computer-nerd-ADD set in, and I decide to go back to Google and type in the specific error code I was getting, just in case I missed it the last 20 times I did a search. As my … [Read more...]