Reputation Management & Repair

We help individuals and brands sculpt a positive online reputation and minimize the impact of negative information.

What We Do


Brand Monitoring

Our technology will find new brand mentions so we can take swift action in order to steer the conversation.

Reputation Repair

Using a combination of SEO, content marketing, and social media, we can suppress negative results in the search engines and craft a new narrative about your brand.


Review Site Management

The best defense is a good offense.  Our team can source reviews from current and previous customers to minimize the impact of negative reviews.  When a negative review is written, we will work with the customer to de-escalate the hostility to limit or eliminate the impact.

Reputation Management Research

KFC Dodges Major Social Media PR Bullet

Update: 6/24/2014 It appears that the story of little Victoria was a hoax perpetrated on KFC: While the investigation continues, that does not nullify the good work that KFC's social...

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The Ugly Truth About Generating More Online Reviews

There is an old saying that more isn't necessarily better. This is doubly true when it comes to online reviews. Just about every business owner I've met has a serious case of online review envy. They look with envy at the shop down the street with pages of positive...

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Increase Yelp Ratings The Black Hat Way

Every company wants to increase their Yelp ratings. A positive rating can drive real sales to a business. Conversely, a negative score can remove a company from a shopper's consideration. When real money is at stake, some people will turn to black hat techniques to...

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