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Digital Marketing Research

Hacking Reddit Marketing

A successful Reddit post is a lot like a good joke.  It's in context, doesn't feel forced, and everyone his happier for having heard it.  Growth hackers need to understand their community well since they will turn on you the moment they feel like they are being...

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KFC Dodges Major Social Media PR Bullet

Update: 6/24/2014 It appears that the story of little Victoria was a hoax perpetrated on KFC: While the investigation continues, that does not nullify the good work that KFC's social...

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Technical SEO For the Front End Developer

Google has demanded more speed.   Like Quintus Arrius ordering the crew  to go from battle speed to ramming speed, Google wants us to deliver websites faster or else suffer their wrath.  Unlike some SEO tactics like link building, technical SEO is fully within your...

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